Werner Wellness

We understand that healthy associates are productive associates. On top of our comprehensive health and dental plan, we offer our Werner Wellness program, which includes indoor and outdoor workout facilities as well as on-site fitness classes like Yoga, Kickboxing, Pound, Jazzercise and Total Body Burn. Wellness isn’t just tied to fitness, though. That’s why we also offer healthy food options in our cafeteria and vending areas. And for those moments when you need to wind down a bit, we have a visiting on-site masseuse that offers 10-minute massages at a discounted rate.

Wait. There's more...

If working out isn’t your thing, check out some games in our Arcade room. No quarters required. For convenience, we also have a salon on campus for those times when you need a haircut in a pinch. If you need an afternoon snack or a quick birthday card or gift, our Company Store has all that and much more.

Ready for Retirement

We encourage all of our associates to participate in our 401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan, which both match a portion of your contributions.

Never Stop Learning

Werner offers a Tuition Reimbursement program to help you with your expenses for classes or degree completion. If you’re not looking to go back to school but want to continue your professional development, we offer multiple on-site classes. When it comes to professional development courses, we have it all - mentorship programs, classroom trainings, book clubs, Lunch and Learns, eLearning courses, management training, and much more.